The Five Muses Online Release

The Five Muses

The Five Muses. A short film by Steven Sirski.

Though I was a graduate student at the time, The Five Muses is my first film done outside of the film studies program. The script was written originally to be a music video, but, the band decided not to go ahead with the shoot so I did it on my own.

You can watch it on my Vimeo page.

I’ve posted a director’s statement and some production notes, and you can read about the technical specs here.

You can also view some productions photos on Flickr.

Unfortunately, some of the film was botched while shooting, so you’ll notice one part in the middle is kinda flubbed. I did my best to make it work the way it is and achieved a modicum of success.

What to do? Well, I’m placing the film under the Creative Commons Attribution license, so if anybody has any great ideas to modify the film, go ahead. All I ask is that you give me, the cast and crew credit, then replace whatever’s left. I’d laugh if a Chinese metal band or some Korean pop band re-did the soundtrack, or maybe even Polish subtitles? Oh, and please send me a link to the posted video.

Be gentle, it’s my first.


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