Creation – Short Film Online Release

And now for a change in tone…

While doing an undergraduate degree in Classics and Film Studies, I completed this short film for one of my experimental classes. Inspired by the planet Mars (which was at its closest to Earth in our lifetime), I assembled some supplies and improvised the movie. You can watch it on my Vimeo page.

Here are the specs:

Written and Directed by Steven Sirski

Running time: 7:15
Genre: Experimental
Format: MiniDV
Completed: February 2004

Tag Line
Steven Sirski’s universe begins.

Medium Synopsis
An experimental short film set to the music of Gustav Holst’s Neptune, The Mystic.

What did I use for supplies? A camcorder that had “negative” and “mirror” effects, two black lights, food colouring, a glass of water, the planet Mars, a cigar, and toilet paper. (Wow, this sounds like it could be used in Polish porn, too).

The first things you’ll see are black lights. I set my camera to have a mirror image and then waved the 4-foot black light around. Next up is the planet Mars. Using my camera’s “negative” and “mirror” special effects, I basically stood outside watching Mars in the sky. Yes, I was a social kid in university. If you notice the part where the dots seem to “dance”, that’s because I was smoking a cigar and waved it in front the camera, distorting the dots.

The swirling colours are food colouring dropped into water. For some reason I found it absolutely fascinating to watch these colours mix. I don’t even have drugs to blame.

Lastly, you’ll see some fabric. That’s toilet paper under the black lights, and it’s supposed to represent the fabric of space (well… kinda). I don’t know why or how I came to use toilet paper in the film, but there it is, illuminated by black lights and looking all starry-like.

Set to Gustav Holst‘s Neptune, The Mystic, the short film clocks in at just over seven minutes. I’ll admit, it’s a little long. But since the video files are on a now-botched hard drive, I’m not changing it. If anything, put it on in the background while you work and listen to the music.


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