The Musician – Update #3

There’s no easy way to put this, but my proposed feature film project for 2010 will have to be put on hold. Things didn’t come together the way I expected them to. I’m not sad or angry, nor disappointed or depressed about it. As a matter of fact, I’m okay with the project being pushed off for a little while longer simply because I learned so much this summer. Let me explain what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been reading and writing profusely over the last two months. I’ve been studying finance, other people’s scripts, and how to write stories (you’d think I’d know already!) Furthermore, I’ve kept busy with this blog which I hope you find a bit entertaining or informative. I’ve gone through The Musician‘s script again, breaking it down to its fundamentals, and started another script, a ghost story. I’ve also written some guest posts for a travel website, Art of Backpacking, which you can view here and here. And the short film I made in Korea has been featured on the same website, you can see that here. Lastly, I’ve moved up to Dauphin to work on my uncle’s farm. So things kinda moved in a different direction.

The story is simply not ready, and giving it a little more time will allow it to grow a little more. Although I don’t expect my first film to be on the level of James Cameron, George Lucas, or Steven Spielberg, I do expect that it would be watchable and entertaining.

Yes, it’s a disappointing thing to push off this film but it will get done it due time.

In the meantime, I’ve posted some videos of my work on Vimeo. One short film, Coffee and Milk (the same one mentioned above) and I’ll be releasing another short film in a little bit (it’s my first EVER short film… uh oh!) and that one’s called The Five Muses. There are some videos of me drumming there too.

Many thanks for all of your support!!


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