The Musician – Update 2

Back in Winnipeg and visiting friends and family. Talked to a few people about the project and I’m motivated to get this done. If it doesn’t get done, I’ll be going to Saudi Arabia to teach English.

Received some feedback about the 3rd draft. Need to do a 4th. I think musicians will like the movie and understand many parts of it, but I’d like to offer non-musicians some insight into what musicians go through.

I’ve asked one of my cousins if she and her son would want to take part in the movie. 3 scenes, a mother video taping her son playing guitar, drums, piano, etc. Looking for a mother-son duo, don’t need to be pro actors at all.

What’s the budget? In my mind, $50,000. “WOW Steve, that’s a LOT of money!” Yes, but that includes:

1) $20,000 for the soundtrack (12 songs, all original, professionally recorded at a studio, mixing, mastering, honorarium for musicians involved, printed CDs, booklets, etc.)

2) $21,000 for the actual production (camera rental, crew, editing, props, DVD copies, printed script booklet (maybe?), etc.)

3) About $9,000 for marketing (movie poster, postcards, adverts, magnets (maybe?), preview copies, etc.).

Looking to shoot HD, maybe a 3 week shoot total, possibly less. I’d like most people to get paid for this project, albeit discounted rates 😦

I want to post the project online at That way you can pledge money but not commit until the financial goal is reached. Trouble is, I don’t know what incentives to offer to donors. I need some feedback on this, so if you could please have a look and suggest an incentive per price category: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000. $1000 is already a producer credit, but maybe you’ll want more? Please let me know by posting comments below.

Oh yea, what’s the movie about? It’s about a musician trying to understand his gift of music. I will post a larger synopsis shortly and maybe some rough sketches of what’s going on. If it helps, I want to do a script reading soon, so if you have some free time and want to read a script out loud, let me know and we’ll set up a date and time.


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