The Musician – Update 1

The script is now in it’s 3rd draft.

I have some ideas for marketing the project, including busking and attending some film festivals this summer (I’ve submitted The Five Muses to a few film festivals but have yet to receive any confirmation). In regard to the busking, if you want to join me on the streets of Canada this summer to help raise cash for the project, I’ll give you a great big hug and put your name in the credits.

I will be putting up some cash for this project, but I’m looking to have this project crowd-funded. I’ll be posting more info as the project develops, so if you want to donate to this project, please send me an email at There will be different levels of donations available, something like this: $10 will get you a hug from me or a digital copy or something like that, $20 a copy of the finished DVD or the soundtrack, $30 a copy of the finished DVD and your name in the credits, $50, etc. $1000 or more and we can talk about you getting credit for being a producer on the project. I’ll find out how to post a Paypal link within the next couple of weeks.

One of my friends has expressed interest in working on the soundtrack, we’re aiming to hit the studio by August. I’m actually almost more excited about the soundtrack than the movie itself. The script combines a lot of my musical interests: rock, jazz, Ukrainian, electronica, beat boxin’ and some world percussion.

Also trying to find an artist to work on the movie poster which I hope to have done sometime by the end of June. I thought I could get it done while travelling through Asia, but none of the artists were willing to do it. They were afraid of the language barrier.

The opening credits will be a short film, tentatively titled “The Life of a Musician”. I’m in talks with a flash animation artist to get it done. It should run about 2-3 minutes in length, black and white, stick figure flash animation.

That’s all for now. First feature!


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