Coffee and Milk – Production Notes

“An international production”
Coffee and Milk was a special international collaboration between Canada, Turkey, and Korea. Steven Sirski (Writer/Director/Lead Actor) hails from Winnipeg, Canada; Murat Copcu (Writer/Director/ Camera) was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey; while the students and the crew live in Busan, South Korea. The project was conceived by Steven and Murat over a cup of Turkish coffee when Steven mentioned his need of coffee, and what happens when he doesn’t get it. Fresh from production of Murat’s previous student project, The Water Dispenser, the writer/director duo were eager to work again before Steven’s teaching contract in Korea ran out. Coffee and Milk developed very quickly from a simple concept to a complete English lesson and movie production within a few months.

“Truly a student project”
Coffee and Milk was a student project for all involved in the production. Murat is currently working on his PhD at Kyungsung University, a university from which was drawn the entire crew. The crew was made up of Kyungsung University students from the Digital Design program. Finally, Steven was the English teacher of the Grade 6 students featured in the production. Only nine of the thirteen students from the English class volunteered for the project, but all of the children were required to draw the storyboards shown during the end credits. In the end, Murat received an A for the project and the kids had a lot of fun making the movie. Unfortunately, none of the kids have any desire to make any more movies!


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