The Five Muses

Written and Directed by Steven Sirski

Production Company: Steven Sirski Productions
Running time: 10:08
Genre: Fiction
Format: 16 mm B/W
Completed: February 2010

Tag Line
Inspired by the music of Zradystan.

Synopsis – Short
Deep in the woods of Zradystan, five musical mistresses challenge each other to entice a young wood chopper to become a musician.

Synopsis – Long
A young man is alone in the woods, chopping wood, unaware that he is being watched at a distance by the Five Muses. The Muses challenge each other to see who can entice the young man to become a musician. Resisting at first, soon he succumbs to the musical charms of the Muses. Once he has joined the Muses in playing music, he finds out how much more enjoyable it is to play their music than to resist it.


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One Response to “The Five Muses”

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    […] posted a director’s statement and some production notes, and you can read about the technical specs here. But to watch it, you must go to my Vimeo […]

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