Day 6: April 9th, 2010 – HOA and A German Woman

Didn’t go into my orphanage today. They told me yesterday not to go in. I did, however, go to another orphanage, Hope of Orphanage Association. Another girl who is in the same program as I works there. It was her last day so a few of us from the guesthouse went there to see the kids. It was a good thing I went because I picked up a few good ideas for games there. One of the best was filling up 4 bowls of water and placing 4 empty bottles opposite those bowls (about 20 feet away). The kids had to suck in the water from the bowls then run across and spit it into the bottles. They had to repeat the process until all of the team members were done. I imagined this as a good party-drinking game. For adults, not the orphans.

Came home early, around 12:30. Fell asleep for a few hours. Woke up and tried to finish reading First they Killed My Father by Loung Ung. Found myself wanting coffee. Went to go find GOOD coffee (couldn’t) and ended up playing the Cambodian version of hacky sack with a group of Cambodian men. This game, however, had an arrow with a spring at one end of it so it could bounce. Played it for something like 30 minutes.

Afterwards I met up with a few folks at the FCC, the Foreign Correspondents Club, a coffee shop on the river front. We stayed there for happy hour, meaning half-priced jugs of sangria ($6.75). Headed to Guesthouse #11 for food and more drinks before heading to our coordinator’s house for a party. Met a bunch of folks from Germany and Australia mostly. Got drunk talking to a German girl. She was curious why some Americans seem so superficial. I was so tempted to give Jim Carrey’s line in Liar, Liar: “It’s because you have big boobs.” I must be getting older because I refrained from saying it.

So ended the day.


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