Day 0: April 3rd, 2010 – Bangkok, Thailand

Nervous. Haven’t bought a video camera yet even though I saw a pretty good deal at the airport. Thinking about heading to Pantip Plaza to see what other deals there are.

Haven’t thought of a game for Monday yet when I’m supposed to start volunteering at the orphanage, but there are lots I can choose from. Nervous about volunteering. Haven’t done it before. Haven’t made a documentary before. For some reason I thought his was all a lot easier in the planning stages.

Need water. Would like a coffee.

Haven’t booked a hotel or a bus to Cambodia yet.

The ultimate question of “Why do I do this?” recurs in my head. Sometimes I long for the comfort and safety that “home” (Canada) means. Planning the trip is easy, executing the trip is the tough part.

My nerves aren’t that bad though. Despite the fact that some things haven’t been sorted out, I know they will be very shortly. I like travelling, I just don’t like making the arrangements.


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